Contemporary Door Styles

Choose from a great range of contemporary doors styles below:

The Hornby

The Hornby door range offers a modern fresh approach which is available in both a cottage or flush slab design. Ideal for customers wanting something a little more traditional.

The Bramley

The Bramley door range is the ultimate in contemporary door styling. The Bramely door offers a large range of glazing options and glazing positions to suit the most discerning homeowner.

The Coburg

The Coburg door range once more delivers a truly contemporary door with its modern-day sleek design. A choice of glass options is available to personalise the door privacy.

The Dalton

The Dalton composite door range offers contemporary good looks with the addition of slim glazing panels to add a subtle hint of light without any loss of privacy.

The Wellington

The Wellington door range offers contemporary styling with a beautiful glazing panel to let in light and make a real statement. The glass panel is available in a choice of styles and can be positioned either left, right or in the centre of the door.

The Wellington G

The Wellington Grooved door collection has been designed using our flush door system to give the clean lines and a sleek, flush appearance that is so very popular today. This truly modern door uses our ZEEL™ flush fitting cassette.

The Duke

The Duke composite stable door is the perfect solution for a back and an entrance door. With its timeless appeal and superior good looks, the Duke composite door allows you to open the top section of the door to bring light in while keeping total security at the bottom.

The Harrington

The Harrington door range is a fully glazed door providing maximum light into your home. The scale of the glazing panel provides a dramatic focal point to your home as well as letting the light in. With a large choice of glass designs available, you can make a real design statement.

Double Doors

Our contemporary double doors are a superb addition to a home. They are both sleek and stylish creating a seamless entrance to and from the outside - or perfect for internal room separators too.

The Lansing

The Lansing door range offers contemporary styling with a choice of glazing panels to bring light into your home. With a choice of glass and colour options, homeowners can choose a door that is beautifully designed to suit their home.

Flint Smooth

This unique, stylish design is manufactured to give the look of aluminium with all the benefits of our composite door. Add our ZEEL™ cassette to complete the perfect look. Available in any RAL colour.

Flint Grained

The same unique and stylish design as the Flint Smooth, this version is available with a grained finish for a more traditional feel. Add our ZEEL™ cassette to complete the perfect look. Available in any RAL colour.

Howell Smooth

This sleek, modern design is manufactured with our state-of-the-art machinery, etching the door to give you a more desired look.

Howell Grained

This popular design is also offered in our grained finish. Make it personal to you available in single or accent colours.

Canton Smooth

Who says you have to add glass to create the perfect door. Get the perfect contemporary look with a fancy dual colour or choose from our vast glass range

Canton Grained

Just like our Canton Smooth but with a grained finish. Want to let some natural light in? Choose from our vast glass range adding a ZEEL™ or TriSYS cassette to complete the look.

Monroe Smooth

The ever-popular Monroe Smooth design is one not to go unnoticed. Available in any RAL colour incorporating our ZEEL™ cassette to keep this sleek design.

Monroe Grained

The most sought after design. Same as the Monroe Smooth but grained. Available in any RAL colour incorporating our ZEEL™ cassette to keep this sleek design.

Moderne Alexandra

A chic contemporary door design with a central glazed area that adds visual interest, wide horizontal panel detailing and a smooth finish that exudes sophistication.

Moderne Victoria

A stunning yet timeless door with a full-length glazed panel that lets in natural light without compromising privacy. The contemporary panel detailing and sleek smooth finish help deliver the best in modern-door aesthetics. Available in a wide range of colours

Moderne Nelson

A fresh contemporary door with three striking central glazed squares that create a stylish entrance. The horizontal panels add an extra level of interest while the smooth finish keeps the look clean and uncluttered.

Moderne Albert

The Moderne Albert epitomises modern style. It features four rectangular panels that can run horizontally or vertically and sit to the left, right or centre of the door. It provides an architect-inspired, contemporary look.

Side Panels

Choose from a great range of side panel styles below:

Side Panels

Alongside our extensive door range, we offer a full set of GRP side panel options to complement your door choice. We offer these in both Contemporary and Traditional styles with glazing to match. Available in a wide range of colours